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50 Countries vote against or abstain on UN resolution on Palestinian non-member observer status

Fifty UN member nations demonstrated courage and integrity by voting against (9) or abstaining (41) from the resolution granting Non-Member Observer State status to the Palestinian Authority. “This was more than had been expected earlier in the day,” said Conference of Presidents leaders, Richard Stone, Chairman, and Malcolm Hoenlein, Executive Vice Chairman.

“We fully concur with US Ambassador to the UN, Susan Rice, that this measure was unfortunate and counterproductive. Many countries called on the Palestinian Authority not to take further unilateral steps, including seeking membership in specialized UN agencies or trying to access the International Criminal Court or The International Court of Justice. They also reaffirmed Israel’s right to live in security free from the reign of Palestinian terror, rockets, and suicide bombers that have plagued them for so many years.

“We want to express our appreciation for the countries that voted no: Canada, Czech Republic, Israel, United States, Panama, The Marshall Islands, Palau, Nauru, and Micronesia. We applaud them for their commitment to peace and the principles of the UN Charter.

“Tomorrow morning Israel continues as a democratic country committed to peace with its neighbors and contributing to the international community far out of proportion to its size and population. Israel has gone to great lengths and made repeated offers to bring about direct negotiations with its neighbors, particularly the Palestinian Authority. The onus is now on the Palestinian Authority to demonstrate that it is interested in true peace and that it will end the charades to avoid direct negotiations by sitting down without preconditions in a serious pursuit of peace. The United States, Israel, and other countries will have to consider measures they may take to show that this irresponsible action in violation of all of the agreements signed since the Oslo Accords is not without cost. We do not want to see the Palestinian people suffer for the misdeeds of their leadership. And it is they who they must hold to account their leadership for any consequences.”

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