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Conference of Presidents leaders wish Obama a safe and successful trip, reinforcing the US-Israel relationship

Richard Stone, Chairman, and Malcolm Hoenlein, Executive Vice Chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, wished President Barack Obama a safe, productive, and successful trip that will enhance the special US-Israel relationship and foster close cooperation and coordination on the numerous issues of common concern. The visit comes at a time in which an extraordinary number of critical events and situations are unfolding in the region, including the turmoil in many Arab countries and the destabilizing of their governments, the war in Syria, the continuing threat from Hamas and Hezbollah, and the danger of a nuclear Iran that seeks hegemony in the region. The President arrives as a new government in Israel is taking office and this will be an opportunity for him to get to know them while reaching out to the people of Israel. The US-Israel relationship, in many respects, is more important than ever. The strengthening of the bonds between the countries will contribute to stability in the region and to the security of Israel, a vital American interest. The President’s visit will celebrate Israel’s sixty-five years of remarkable achievement as a democracy, as well as its accomplishments, admired by the world, in scientific, technological, medical, social, and other fields. The visit will also highlight Israel’s 4,000 years of historical connection to the land.

The President’s visit to Jordan is also of great significance given the internal and external challenges faced by the Government of King Abdullah. Similarly, his visit with the leaders of the Palestinian Authority will hopefully move them to return to peace negotiations with Israel without preconditions.

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